Secure Access Control Systems in Ascot

If you're responsible for a multi-user building you will know how difficult it is to control keys. Access control and door entry systems can overcome these difficulties by eliminating the need for most keys. This is perfect for any building that has multiple users, but needs to remain secure.

Standalone and PC Controlled Systems

Ascot Locks can offer you two different types of access control systems:

Standalone systems

● Various access methods available
● Options for all budgets
● Ideal for low numbers of users
● Perfect for small businesses

PC controlled

● Various access methods available
● Each door is individually controlled
● Provides more security
● Ideal for large organisations

We stock Paxton and Videx Security Systems. Both brands are well known for their high-quality products, so you can be sure your property will be secure.

Temporary Solutions and Door Entry System Installation

Based in Ascot, we supply cost-effective temporary solutions, tailored to your specific security needs. We also offer a full door entry system installation as part of our service, meaning you can feel safe knowing you and your goods are protected by a high quality product that has been expertly installed.

Tailored Access Control Systems

We can tailor a system specifically for your location, based on the type of control you need and the method of entry – keypad PIN, swipe-card, proximity tag or biometric reader. 
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