Master Key Products in Ascot

A lock and key is a tried and tested way of securing your home or office, however, it has one major flaw – keys can be copied. You can overcome problems caused by duplicate keys by installing registered keys, giving you a high degree of control over the security of your premises. Ascot Locks specialise in quality master key products and can set you up with a tailor-made system that also fits your budget.

Maintain Control Over Duplicate Keys

Ascot Locks supply only the highest quality master key products, including ABLOY Novel and Protec, KABA Pextra, DOM Sigma Plus and UNION RKS. Feel free to visit us in Ascot to discuss which brand best suits your needs.

Benefits of a Master Key System

● Easy to use, convenient and time saving
● Higher level of security
● Gives you full control over who has keys

Personalised Master Key Products

Registered keys prevent unauthorised duplication of your keys, so you can be sure you know exactly who has access to your property. Whether you require registered keys for you home or business, we'll come to you anywhere in Ascot and areas such as Lightwater and Colnbrook, to develop a system that suits your needs. We also keep records of your restricted keys in our vault, so you'll never be locked out.

If you already have a system, we might be able to help you out too. With your authorisation, we can usually find copies of restricted keys or additional cylinders.
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